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Let’s not kid ourselves anymore that financial health isn’t important. Studies have shown that financial well-being ranks at par with personal health and the social interactions we have in determining our core quality of life.

On an average, a financially responsible user has over 11 different accounts across bank accounts, credit cards, investments, insurance and loans. Add to that multiple cross border currency accounts and that number nearly doubles.

We have developed Fintify as a tool to help you monitor and manage all these accounts and your holistic finances i.e. savings, spending or investments easily on one single platform. All of this with FCA approved data security and GDPR compliant data privacy.

Try the following steps to make the most of Fintify:

1) Understand your money: Link and monitor all your accounts (in India or UK or both) and understand patterns of where your money comes from and where it is going. Set aside 15 minutes a day for the first week to sort out your data on Fintify. eg. What percentage of your assets are in investments, what have you spent most of your money on last year.

2) Manage your money: Now that you understand your money better, you can be disciplined and make informed investment and saving decisions.

  • Use the Fintify personalised financial calendar to set and get reminders of your credit card payments, term deposit maturity dates and also to budget expenses in certain categories.
  • Our analytics will tell you useful details such as what days of the month is best to use your credit card, how much you have spent on groceries and other categories in the last three months and what are the returns on your investments etc.

Tip: Don’t cut down on your coffee, you will need the caffeine to keep you going. This may seem boring at first but trust us it gets exciting as you get more involved with your finances.

3) Make smart money decisions: Money makes money and every little saving makes a big difference over time. Focus on cutting down late payment fees and starting a disciplined investment and saving plan to squirrel away what you save. Fintify will offer you easy access to our chosen affiliates who offer best in class products for your money management needs, whether it is sending money overseas, buying or selling real estate, investments etc.

Remember it is more important to create wealth than it is to create an income.

We are here to help you with your money journey so please reach out to us for any suggestions and/or feedback to help make Fintify the ONLY app you will use to manage your money.


Team Fintify

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